Is it just us?

Any other parent feel like it’s just you? Just your child creating a MASSIVE scene any time you go anywhere? Your child still not potty trained? Your child who will NOT eat veg.

I know it’s not just us, course I do. But it’s hard not to feel like it sometimes, especially when the judgey eyes of “perfect parents” fall upon you … because of course their child is utter perfection.

I just feel like you’re never really prepared for the things parenting throws at you. People say “parenting is really hard” but I don’t feel like you can fully understand how hard until you’re fully immersed in it with no clear cut direction on how to get through.

Now don’t get me wrong, I adore my child I really do. He gave me a new lease of life when he was born and I love seeing him grow in to a beautiful, loving and kind little boy. But some days, I question my parenting ability, especially on those days where nothing seems to go right no matter what you do.

I think what is making life a little harder at the minute, both on us and on Noah, is that I’m currently 29 weeks pregnant and struggling with low energy levels and being unable to play with Noah the way I used to and he’s obviously picking up on that.

Noah has recently been very “mummy mummy mummy” which is lovely but, at the same time, exhausting. He wants me to be doing everything for him; story, changing him, getting him things and Daddy can’t do any of it. This has improved slightly over the last few days but this morning when I went for a shower, Noah came in and when removed by Daddy so I could shower in peace, he proceeded to scream and shout “Mummy” for 10 minutes until I was done. He then followed me upstairs and stayed in my room while I got ready. Granted, he just played but not having any time alone until he’s in bed can he quite draining.

This has turned in to a bit of a moany post I know, but sometimes it helps just to let it all out doesn’t it. A great post I found was from a lady called Emma who writes about “Gentle Parenting” and it made me stop and think that, if I’m feeling all these overwhelming things, Noah must be too and at just 3.5 years old, he has nowhere near the skills I have to deal with said feelings.

Well, that’s all for now folks as I hear the dulcet tones of my sproglet calling out “Mummyyy”

Take care all x

Author: Alexandra Mulrooney

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