Life begins at 42 …

Not age 42 you understand, but number 42. Yep, we finally moved house. To anyone who read my last post back in November 2021, (I know I need to get so much better at this blogging thing) you’ll know that stress levels were rising rapidly at the back end of last year. I won’t blag on about it too much here, I’ll let you inflict that pain on yourself by heading over to the original post and giving it a read .. please.

Anyway, zoom on a couple of months and on Friday the 4th of February 2022, The Mulrooney’s moved in to their forever home, number 42. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all plain sailing on moving day, far from it actually, but once we had locked that door for the final time that night, we both breathed a sigh of relief. We had to keep asking ourselves, is this real? Are we finally in? And the answer was “Yes”. So now the real fun begins … Making it our own.

Moving from a new build property in to a much older house comes with its challenges. As much as we love the house, it requires a hell of a lot of modernising and updating in most rooms. “It’ll come in time, you’ve no rush” … ah how many times we heard that phrase from well-meaning friends, family etc. But, what does require a bit more urgency, is the bathroom. Pretty much a complete overhaul to be honest. We only found out by chance when we were having new bath and basin taps installed and the plumber basically showed us that the floor under the bath was completely rotten. So what started as a small job is turning in to a rather large one … with a rather large bill attached. Does this bother me? Of course, it’s draining almost our entire savings pot but, as people have so rightly pointed out, we can do other things as and when we’re able. We plan on living out the remainder of our lives here, so *hopefully* that gives us a lot of years to really “Mulroon-ify” our lovely home.

Wow, this turned a bit “doom and gloom” very quickly. Don’t get me wrong, the house is a dream compared to our old house. We miss our neighbours very, very much and our old home will always hold a special place in our hearts as our first purchased home together, Noah’s first home and our married home for nearly 6 years. But we wanted more. As we develop as a family, we wanted more space and a quieter area. We’ve now got both of those and the view is heavenly. My favourite things about the house; the kitchen, the bedrooms, a boarded loft to use as storage and the living room.

If the last two years has taught me anything, it is to go for what you want and enjoy life as much as possible. We’re in our lovely home, Noah is thriving and happy and we are excited for what our future holds.

I am hoping to update this blog so much more this year, starting with another post in a few weeks around Noah’s birthday.

Until next time,

Manic Mama M x

Author: Alexandra Mulrooney

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