It’s beginning to look a lot like …

Stress. That is what it’s beginning to look like. Stress on top of stress on top of stress.

I’ll never admit this to him in person, and when he reads this I shall deny all knowledge of this admission and plead ignorance … but my husband was right. Yep. There. I said it. Back in June when I *finally* got my way and started the process of putting the house on the market, he warned me that it might get too much as I was then slap bang in the middle of my Masters level training for my new job. Did I listen? Yes, of course. Did I heed his warning? Did I bollocks. I managed to get him to agree to a visit from Pendle Hill Properties to have our house valued, marketed etc. Don’t get me wrong, as stressful as the last 5 months has been, I don’t regret it and I’ll come on the reasons behind that later.

Factors contributing to a very stressful 5 months. Selling and buying houses, toddler, uncertainty around Covid, full time masters-level training alongside new full time job. I mean, what was I thinking right? Well, what I thought was, the market is GOOD right now, we’ll buy/sell in no time and then we’ll be in within a few months. Correct … until we then realised our sellers were buying a house which needed probate granting. This has put a significant delay on things, leading to frustrations from our buyers, us and our vendors. It’s creeping closer and closer to Christmas, we have Noah to think of and we don’t want to risk losing our buyers, or our gorgeous new home.

However, would I ever want to go back and change it? Nope, and here is why. The house we are buying, laugh if you will, is the one. How do I know? I knew instantly, the minute we set foot through the door. It felt like home. It was cosy, perfect size, perfect location, perfect price. Yes, it’s going to have been a tricky time, but once we’re in and settled, I know I will feel so content. I just know it.

How have I got through all the aforementioned stress you say? That’s an easy one; Tom. If I didn’t have my patient, funny, level-headed husband on side, I’d have crumbled months ago. I’d have thrown the towel in with my degree 100%. Many, many … many tears have been shed this year and the words “I can’t do this, what the hell was I thinking?” have been said more times than I care to remember. But behind every meltdown, every sob-sesh, every emotional breakdown, my Tommy was right there by my side where he has been for the last 10 years.

I’m planning to do a blog post dedicated to my role, and what it actually is that I do, and one dedicated to our lovely new home. As soon as we’re in and settled, watch this space šŸ™‚

Until next time fellow bloggers,

Mrs M x

Author: Alexandra Mulrooney

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