Chubby gals are for life, not just for winter

I hear you. What the bloody hell is she on about? Let me give some context …

So, I’m the first to admit … I ain’t no Beyoncé. But, I also don’t believe you’d struggle to differentiate between me and Shrek, so it’s not all bad.

About a week ago, myself and Tom decided that we were DONE with our current lifestyle choice. We’ve both put on a couple of lockdown “pounds” (stones, pounds … what’s the difference right?) and we have not been giving any thought at all to what we’re shovelling in, especially of an evening when we’re sat watching tele. So, we decided to really start taking our health seriously and began calorie counting.

We’re in The Jason Manford Weight loss support group on Facebook and I’ve been getting so many amazing ideas from there. We’ve actually really enjoyed calorie counting this week and already, we both feel better. Or at least, I did until yesterday afternoon.

Walking out of the petrol station back to my car I noticed a couple of “men” staring at me. As it was hot and I already felt self conscious because of this (I’m a sweaty mama) I put my head down and hurried along to the car. Just as I got to the car, one commented to the other at the top of his voice “fat girls shouldn’t be allowed out in Summer”. I looked up to see them both still staring at me so what did I do? Did I stand up for myself and give them what for? Did I hell. I got in the car as quick as I could and cried.

Why? What purpose did that serve? Did he then feel better about himself by making me feel like utter shite? I couldn’t say. But I tell you what! 6 months ago, 6 weeks ago even, that would have seen me diving face first in to the biscuit tin before eating my way back out. That’s what I am. I’m an emotional eater. But not this time. Oh no. This time all it did was spur me on even more. I take Bridget Jones as my inspiration when I say this … “I will not be defeated by a bad man” and that’s what he is. A bad, bad person. To go out of his way to upset a complete stranger makes him so.

There are so many reasons why a person is the size/shape they are and whatever that reason may be, it has bugger all to do with anyone else. I’m not a size 8,10 or 12. Hell I’m not a comfortable 18 at the minute. But, I’m doing something about it. I’m not happy with my size and my health in general. I’ll work damn hard until I am. I’m not going to say “I’m going to work my ass off to be a size 10”, because I genuinely don’t think I’m meant to be that size. I will work until I’m happy then I’ll work to maintain it.

If the only message you take from this (if you’ve even got this far, if you have … thank you!) please let it be this. Blowing out someone else’s candle will not make yours shine any brighter. Be kind, you never know what someone is working through.

I like to think that I am, and that I surround myself with kind and open-minded people. That’s all I ask of those around me. Just be a nice person. That’s all.

Stay safe, stay fabulous.

Lots of love, Manic Mama xx

Author: Alexandra Mulrooney

Thanks for stumbling upon my blog :D I’d love to hear your thoughts xx

4 thoughts on “Chubby gals are for life, not just for winter”

  1. Who the hell do they think they are to say something like that to anyone ,they could of said that to a person that is not as strong as you and couldn’t take it like you did , what size you or anyone is has nothing to do with anyone else!
    Good for you for not giving them the satisfaction of letting them know it hurt you , your a better person than me as I would of given them a mouth full lol
    Don’t let anyone ever put you down , keep strong xx

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