Shop Little, Shop Local Pt 1 – Wax Melts.

So, almost a year ago, when the world closed for business pretty much overnight, people were a little lost for what to do with themselves. I include myself in this as my working life completely changed and so I signed up to be an FM Distributor to earn a little extra money and give myself something to do in the extremely long days in between shifts.

Many of my friends also decided to start little side hustles too and I was determined to support them any way I could. Ordering, sharing, loving and commenting on their social media pages.

One of my favourite small businesses is one selling gorgeous wax melts in so many different fragrances. Summer Blossom Scents is run by Natalie, the sister of one of my friends and her products are amazing. I’ve had wax melts in the past and found that they didn’t last very long and I was having to change them on a regular basis. Natalie’s melts come in a range of beautiful scents; ranging from popular laundry scents to designer inspired fragrances. One of my favourites has got to be Miss Million … You don’t need me to tell you which dupe that is. It’s divine.

My ever-expanding wax melt collection and well stocked tealight pots too.

My newest wax melt burner is an electric one which looks really pretty at night when the lights are off.

Natalie also made some beautiful festive melts at Christmas including apple berry spice, mulled wine and my personal favourite, White Cocoa and Christmas Cookies. It filled the house with that gorgeous sweet smell that I always associate with festive baking.

My love for these gorgeous products will continue to grow as I’m sure will my collection, much to the delight of Tom who always seems shocked when a new tub of melts appears. You can read some of hubby’s brilliant blog posts right here.

For now, I’m off to choose my next gorgeous scents to see me through the next few days at home.

Stay super, stay safe

Love Manic Mama M x

Author: Alexandra Mulrooney

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