That’s it, I’m now losing weight … ohhh a cookie!

Yep, we’ve all been there. Right? Not just me is it? After the shitstorm that was 2020, I tried not to do the same thing I do every January 1st. I tried to avoid the “New Year, New Me” mantra and instead say to myself, “New Year, Working on Me” instead. See, I don’t want to be a new person. I don’t want a new life or anything like that. I simply want to look after myself better. This includes physical and mental health.

However, I think I went the complete opposite way of “New Year, New Me” and kinda set up camp in “New Year, Continue eating yourself in to an early grave ..” Because, I’ll be honest, that’s where I’ll end up if I carry on. I’ve taken a completely irresponsible approach to my weight in the last 3 months. I look and feel worse now than I did just after having Noah. I’m slowly creeping back up the scales and I can feel it in my joints, my asthma is playing up again and I’m not sleeping well.

I know, I know…so eat less and move more! Simple. Yeah, in theory, it’s as simple as A,B,C. But, as with a lot of tasks, your mindset has to be in the right place and focused on the end goal if you’re to achieve anything at all.

Telling yourself that you’re ready to lose weight, quit smoking, tackle that mountain of debt is not enough. You have to BE ready, not just think you’re ready. I know, because I’ve been telling myself I’m “back on it” since October. I haven’t been. At all. I have said the words, I haven’t then followed up with the actions. Unless the action is hand to mouth with a fistful of chocolate buttons in which case … nailed it!

This weekend, we watched a film called “Brittany runs a marathon”. I’m telling you now, it opened my eyes. She was told by the Dr that she needed to lose weight. Her starting weight was lower than mine and she was taller than me. She was seen as the “funny” one of the group which in my experience is what people are labelled when they’re the fat one. Just being honest. She committed to taking up running and she lost friendships because of her determination to better herself. That was a massive WTF moment for me, although I have lost toxic friends in the past because I dared to stand up for myself and something I felt passionate about.

Anyway, I digress. As usual. It’s actually made me think, I hate running but I think I need something to really push me out of my comfort zone. I turn 30 next month, I feel like a blob. I just need to picture me in my outfit for my 30th. Sat in the living room at home. All dressed up and nowhere to go but a shit load of selfies to take!

My point is, that I need to become accountable for myself, my actions and how they can affect those around me. In this case, my husband and my son. If I don’t pull up and sort my shit out soon, I’m going to end up with various health conditions, my focus will waive and I will just get more and more unhealthy, physically and mentally. As I am currently studying for a workplace Masters level degree, I need to be on top form.

I also don’t want my son growing up thinking these unhealthy habits are normal; that they’re ok. They’re not. I also want to enjoy bringing him up, chasing him round. I can’t right now. I struggle to get up off the sofa some days. I’m actually making myself sick.

So, I will, here today, commit to a weekly post outlining my week in food and fitness. I’m starting a 7 week fitness and wellbeing challenge this week so I will hopefully prove to myself that I’m not as useless as I think … Time will tell I guess.

Also, I’d love to hear your weight loss/fitness and wellbeing journeys. I find other people such a rich source of inspiration so please, drop a comment below or send me your page links. I’d love to link.

Until next time,

Manic Mama M


Author: Alexandra Mulrooney

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