December 11th: Toy Box Eviction ..

I know you feel it too fellow parents.

You know the worst part though don’t you? The part that really kicks you right in the foofa .. When they just walk away. They drop the toy bomb and then saunter off and start trying to open drawers to hunt for something they know they shouldn’t have hence why we hid it in the drawer. They then attempt to climb up the curtains which one can only assume is to practice for their upcoming Spider Pig audition. This is all topped off by an attempt to crawl under the sofa to retrieve a cheerio they hid there 3 days ago, before then getting stuck and screaming blue murder.

Well ya know what little pal, if you were PLAYING WITH THE MOUNTAIN OF TOYS YOU JUST EMPTIED ALL OVER THE LIVING ROOM FLOOR, you wouldn’t now be trying to rive your pretty massive head out from under the sofa! Don’t like to say I told you so but I kinda did. 17 times. Before we’d even sat down for breakfast.

I mean, one saving grace is that he does try and help tidy up. He’ll put all his bricks back in the bag but not in a normal, helpful way. No no, he has to launch them in with all the aggression of a mum who’s just got home from the delight that is food shopping to find that she’s left her wine on the checkout and is now angry at life and all it’s inhabitants.

I will give him credit though. If something is labelled as broken or dirty, that kid is filing it straight in the bin. So we now take more care before we play fast and loose with the word broken e.g. the fire stick remote when we’re all Iggle Piggled out so we say “oh no it’s broken now” .. off he trots towards the kitchen bin.

What I’m trying to say not just in this post but in every post I write, is that I bloody love that kid. I love being his mum and I love that he’s actually mine. I don’t have to give him back (although sometimes I wouldn’t be like fully against this if anyone ever fancies a little pal)

He’s awesome. He’s a dude. He’s our NooNoo.

Until next time,

Manic Mama M x

Author: Alexandra Mulrooney

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