And so it begins,

Well, I actually owe the birth of this blog to a new online friend, The Divorced Dad. He has a blog page himself and encourages his members to share their voices. He then shares these anonymously on his page for all to see.

I’ve offered up a couple of posts and the reception has been incredible. I then realised how much I loved writing and not having to worry about who would see it. Nobody knew it was me. I could be true, raw, honest and not think “oh what if the Perfect Parent Brigade see it and then start offering up their opinion on the fact that I said the baby is close to going in the bin” Yeah, he’s being a troll. So shoot me for wanting a break!

I do find that you know. I do find that if you’re a parent, you have to love it. 24/7. It has to be your entire life and you can’t ever complain or say anything bad about it because that makes you a monster.

The truth is, parenting is bloody hard work. There have been times where we’ve actually asked each other “what have we done?” But you know what, that’s life. That’s normal. We love His Lordship with every fibre, but he’s not always the easiest child to like. I know I know, how can I say that?? Easy to be honest. He’s my child, he has the good and the bad aspects of me and his dad.

He can be so unreasonable at times. Especially when he screams for a snack, you give him a snack and he throws it on the floor because apparently it’s not up to his Lordship’s standards.

Anyway, I digress. I think. I’ll be honest I can’t remember the reason behind this section.

So, as this is my first post, it’s kinda higgledy piggledy. There will be a structure going forward. Ha.

So yeah, if you liked this post or you’re interested to read more, you know where to come 🙂

So, until next time friends,

Manic Mama x

Author: Alexandra Mulrooney

Thanks for stumbling upon my blog :D I’d love to hear your thoughts xx

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